Quarterly Content Updates

An online curriculum is a living, breathing resource which is continually supported, supplemented and updated. We love our products and are constantly improving them, so at no cost to our customers, we update content, features and functionality at least four times a year. And every update happens behind the scenes, with no action required by our teachers, schools or districts!

Some recent free updates:

Choral LogoIntroducing Quaver Choral Resources
New this year: quality choral resources and pedagogical support for vocal instruction in grades 3 through 5. Ten choral lessons teach a breadth of musical concepts, vocal techniques, & transferable skills, that will take singers from elementary vocal music into middle school choir & beyond.

Screenshot of Almost SummertimeMore Key/Tempo Option Activities
The list of songs with adjustable scores continues to grow! Teachers can now choose from a variety of keys and tempos in an additional 65 songs in ClassPlay – bringing the total to more than 145 songs! New songs include Almost Summertime, Air Orchestra, and Lime Juice Tub, just to name a few.

Featured ResourcesFeatured Resources
With four releases every calendar year, Quaver teachers are regularly introduced to new content and functionality. Our Featured Resources Menu makes it easy to digest what’s new and find it within the Quaver Program with a rotating selection of six featured resources!

See a full list of updates on Quaver’s Info Center.